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Propolia, a French brand with expertise in propolis since 1979.


Unveiling the secrets of the hive, they bring you a collection of skincare and wellness products that harness the remarkable benefits of propolis, honey, and other bee-derived treasures.

Trust in their decades-long commitment to quality and tradition for a beauty and well-being ritual that stands the test of time.

Experience the natural excellence of Propolia — where tradition meets modern well-being.






Propolia's journey began in 1978 under the initiative of Marc-Alain Bernard,, during his studies at Montpellier (France) University, Arts and Sciences Department.


After seven captivating years of academia, he left the university to embark on a thrilling venture into beekeeping, a profession that offered freedom, initiative, and a profound connection with nature. Managing up to 600 bee hives, he later established The Salagou Honey Farm in Clermont-l'Hérault (South of France).


Extensive experimental and documentary research conducted by universities and the industrial sector revealed unexpected challenges due to the resinous and impure natural consistency of raw propolis. Raw propolis, containing approximately 40% impurities such as wax, fiber, dead bees, and wood splinters, posed difficulties. The laboratory explored and recognized purification methods, ultimately enabling the production of pure propolis with only usable assets.


The laboratory's initial focus was to standardize the production and transformation process of raw propolis, resulting in various extracts in powder form (PPM30, PPM18, PPM14H) or as alcoholic (EALP, EADP) and non-alcoholic (EGP) liquid extracts.



Since 2007, Propolia, has committed to developing organic and ecologically certified products. Adhering to stringent quality measures, including risk analysis and control of critical points, ensures continuous monitoring of product specifications through rigorous and regular inspections conducted by independent national agencies such as ECOCERT, AFSSAPS, and DGCCRF. This dedication underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality organic and eco-friendly solutions.

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