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  • Pure Chewable Propolis

    Pure, Natural Propolis

    Just break off a piece and start chewing. You'll quickly notice its
    fresh, tingling flavor giving the body the essential flavonoids
    and phenolic acids necessary to support the immune system.

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  • Pure Propolis Powder - 100%

    For the DIY in you:

    100% propolis powder! 

    Mix into beverages, cereals,

    body lotions, soaps,

    even a favorite toothpaste!

  • Propolis reduces Covid effects up to 50%
  • Rich in vitamins and nutrients for women
  • Organic_Thyme_Honey

    Greek Organic Thyme Honey - certified with therapeutic, enzymatic action

  • New whitewash wood finish for Model L3
  • Propol Therapy with therapeutic & environmental use for home or office