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  • Pure Chewable Propolis

    Pure, Natural Propolis

    Just break off a piece and start chewing. You'll quickly notice its
    fresh, tingling flavor giving the body the essential flavonoids
    and phenolic acids necessary to support the immune system.

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  • Pure Propolis Powder - 100%

    For the DIY in you:

    100% propolis powder! 

    Mix into beverages, cereals,

    body lotions, soaps,

    even a favorite toothpaste!

  • Apitherapy Pet Care Products

    Introducing our new line of Apitherapy Pet Care, using the healing properties of honey and propolis.

  • Propol Therapy with therapeutic & environmental use for home or office
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    With its delicious almond scent, this daily care will delight the whole family thanks to its natural active ingredients and its SLS-free foaming base. The softening powers of honey, aloe vera and almond milk are naturally combined to leave the skin soft and free of tightness. Certified organic gentle shower gel with a hypoallergenic* formula.

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    $2.25 Product in stock

    A delicious sugar-free propolis and green tea chewing gum made from pure Italian propolis, natural flavorings and Stevia Rebaudiana (a 100% natural, zero calorie sweetener). 

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