• Organic Propolis, Shea Butter Lip Balm

    Propolis, Shea Butter Lip Balm

    Specially formulated to soothe dry, chapped or cracked lips, its high content Shea Butter and Propolis provide exceptional repairing properties, making lips soft and smooth.

  • Apitherapy Pet Care Products

    Introducing our new line of Apitherapy Pet Care, using the healing properties of honey and propolis.

  • Medical Honey in a Tube

    Healing Honey

    Put the healing power of 3 honey varieties - Buckwheat, Pine & Thyme - to naturally use their antibacterial properties to heal wounds.

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    This Organic Anti-Aging Serum concentrates the best-known natural anti-aging ingredients. It penetrates rapidly thanks to its exceptionally thin texture. Composed of more than 80% organic ingredients, the serum releases its full action on the skin and all in an airless bottle.

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    A mild shampoo containing Propolis and Honey, whose washing base consists of 100% natural ingredients ... because your pet deserves the best for its fur! 

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    Clean and sanitize your air with Propolis Vaporizer / Diffuser, Model A1. It's natural disinfectant properties destroy microbes, air pollution, even cigarette smoke! Fits easily in a suitcase, providing added protection from environmental conditions in hotel rooms! It's a real bargain!

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