• Pure-Fresh-Royal-Jelly

    Fresh Royal Jelly -  dynamic, potent and naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, lipids, peptides & proteins. 
    "It's a brain boosting,
    with antibacterial,
    all in one!".

  • Apitherapy Pet Care Products

    Introducing our new line of Apitherapy Pet Care, using the healing properties of honey and propolis.

  • Organic_Thyme_Honey

    Organic Thyme Honey -
    "a heavenly, therapeutic
    aroma rises
    from the spoon
    to your mouth
    and all the way
    up to your sinuses"

  • Pure Propolis Powder - 100%

    One-of-a-kind product &

    100% propolis!

    Pulverised to use anyway you wish.

    For the DIY crowd, mix it into

    beverages and cereals,

    body creams and soaps,

    even your favorite toothpaste!