• Organic_Thyme_Honey

    Organic Thyme Honey -
    a certified organic
    & therapeutic
    honey from Greece.

  • Pure Propolis Powder - 100%

    One-of-a-kind product &

    100% propolis!

    Pulverised to use anyway you wish.

    For the DIY crowd, mix it into

    beverages and cereals,

    body creams and soaps,

    even your favorite toothpaste!

  • Clean the air with Propolair
  • Back Orders aren't forgotten, just overwhelmed
  • Pure Chewable Propolis

    Pure, Natural Propolis

    Just break off a piece and start chewing. You'll quickly notice its
    fresh, tingling flavor giving the body the essential flavonoids
    and phenolic acids necessary to support the immune system.

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  • Free box of P+B refills with every diffuser!

    Buy a Propolair diffuser,

    Get a box of refills FREE!

    Some models include 2 boxes!!

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    Propolia certified-organic roll-on Deodorant is designed to keep you perfectly dry all day long. Get immediate, natural results with the antiperspirant properties of Potassium alum, the antibacterial action of Honey and Propolis, and Witch Hazel to tighten pores.

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    Slip on fresh, satin-smooth gloves with Propolia® Hand Cream! This cream's natural Wax, Honey and Calendula formula will soften your hands and protect them. Apply a small amount of the lemony-fresh cream at any time of the day. It's a real pleasure which you can enjoy whenever you want.

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