• Pure Chewable Propolis

    Pure, Natural Propolis

    Just break off a piece and start chewing. You'll quickly notice its
    fresh, tingling flavor giving the body the essential flavonoids
    and phenolic acids necessary to support the immune system.

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  • Propol Therapy, Model A4

    Propol Therapy

    Most effective of all Propolair diffusers, Propol Therapy enables full control for personal or professional use, including inhalation therapy.

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  • Pure-Fresh-Royal-Jelly

    Fresh Royal Jelly -  dynamic, potent and naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, lipids, peptides & proteins. 
    "It's an energy booster,
    with anti-aging 
    all in one!".

  • Free box of P+B refills with every diffuser!

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    Some models include 2 boxes!!