Venex - Bee venom ointment

VeneX Bee venom ointment, made with honeybee venom.

An anti-inflammatory preparation containing honeybee venom with pure natural oils in a water-soluble (non-greasy) base.

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VeneX® Bee venom ointment, made with honeybee venom.

An anti-inflammatory preparation containing honeybee venom (Apis Venenum Purum), pure natural oils in a water-soluble (non-greasy) base.


Indications in literature of bee venom include:

 - chronic neuritis

 - degenerative arthropathy

 - functional disturbances of muscles, ligaments & tendinous insertions

 - lumbago

 - muscle warming prior to & during sport activities

 - myalgia

 - neuralgia

 - peripheral circulatory disturbances

 - sciatica

 - subchronic and chronic polyarthritis

 - sport injuries


Active Ingredients:

Apis Venenum Purum (Honeybee Venom), Methyl Nicotinate, Oleum sinapis volatile, Oleum Terebinthinae, Piper nigrum oil and Proprietary Blend of pure essential oils. Ingredients of natural origin: 86.4%


Other ingredients:

Purified water, Sodium chloride, Methylparaben*, Propylparaben* in Water-solulable base.

* Within the guidelines of the EU's Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety (SCCS) and the European Organic Standard.



Customer comment:

2013 March,

Please ship as soon as you can. This stuff really works and winter is killing my joints. Thanks!

TC, Tennessee




Some additional uses of VeneX® comes from customers using it as a Beauty Mask to rejuvenate the skin and hide wrinkles, similar to a Botox® treatment.


A typical application is that a small amount of the VeneX® Ointment is added to a night cream and applied on the face. The ratios of the VeneX® Ointment and night cream are 1:5 to 1:10. In this concentration the cream can be left on the face over night and washed off next morning. Two weeks of continuous use with a one week break between applications is recommended. Avoid contact with eyes.


Customer feedback:

"One of the biggest things I hear from my clients is that they are mixing a small amount of the VeneX® Ointment with a night cream and "it makes the under skin pulsate and then turns it pink" (which shows the circulation) which of course is producing blood flow to the cells and stimulates the cells."

"makes the skin alive, softer, more vibrant and "silky soft"

In 2005, a trial study was conducted by Andrew Kochan, MD, concerning the skin reactions of 6 different bee venom creams available. 19 volunteers were asked to document the different skin reactions of each of the 6 creams, from 0=no reaction to 4=bright red skin reaction with stinging, burning, possible swelling.



Product                      Ave. Score

#1        Nectar Balm (New Zealand)  0.26

#2        Apireven (Romania)   2.42

#3        Forapin E Salbe (Germany)   2.53

#4        "Anonymous"    (USA)    0.21

#5        VeneX® (Canada)        3.34

#6        Bees-in-a-Bottle (USA)    0.16


It must be emphasized that the degree of skin reaction does not necessarily correlate with the clinical result that would be obtained by applying a cream to the area of a joint and rubbing it in.

Journal of the American Apitherapy Society,

Vol 12, No 3, 2005, Sept

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