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Apireven Bee Venom Cream


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Apireven Bee Venom Cream is specially formulated to relieve arthritis pain, sports injuries in various parts of the body; even effective in treating chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis*.

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Volume 30g, 1oz

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Made with propolis extract, beeswax, lanolin, paraffin oil, cetaceum, capsici extract, camphor, methyl nicotinate, bee venom solution.



The product is a massage cream with a high content of natural substances used to maintain a feeling of muscular relaxation and comfort.



The active principle of the product is obtained through a balanced combination of some compounds from propolis (flavones, essential oils, tannins) with antioxidant, antiseptic and cicatrizing action with natural extracts from capsici and bee venom that ensures the activation of the peripheral blood flow and a feeling of relaxation and comfort.


Usage instructions:

The cream is applied on the skin in small amounts and then a light, superficial massage is made, without pressing on the underlying tissue. For a prolonged effect it is recommended to cover the skin of the massaged area with a cloth made from natural fibers, preferably wool. It is not necessary to eliminate the excess cream.



The possible excessive reddening of the skin disappears in a maximum of 30 minutes. Reddening of the skin is a normal reaction and is proof of the efficacy of the product. If the reaction persists excessively, it is recommended to interrupt the use of the product.

The cream should not be applied around the eyes, mouth, or on any types of deep or superficial wounds or other open areas.


Shelf life:

24 months after opening


Net. Wt. 1 oz / 30g


Other applications include:

• All pains, no matter their location (except for the eyes and genital areas); however, diluted with other type of creams (like a Calendula or a propolis cream), the cream can be used also in the genital area in a dilution of 1 part Apireven and 8-10 parts the other neutral cream.


• Chronic skin diseases, especially moles in elderly people, scars and even psoriasis*. In these cases, it's ideal to use Apireven (externally) with other bee products (internally), especially with honey and propolis. *click to read the new study on use of bee venom and propolis for psoriasis. Application of Apireven on back


• Cold feet, cold hands, cold lower back, cold internal genital area (with secondary infertility caused by the cold and excessive mucus that blocks the "travel" of the spermatozoids to the ovule that awaits the fecundation near the ovary). For all these indications, it's ideal to apply the cream on the local acupuncture points sensitive to pressure (like in Shiatsu).


• Diseases related to the lack of oxygen, lack of enough warmness, lack of micro-nutrients, lack of cleanliness (accumulation of inter and intracellular metabolically wastes, residues, toxins, free radicals).


• Athletic usage during the waiting time in competition, it can be used to keep the muscles warm, thus diminishing the risk of injury (caused by the lack of elasticity of the muscle fibres during the “cold” breaks). It's also useful for all winter sports lovers to prevent, alleviate or treat frozen feet, fingers or just keep them warm.


• Energetic unbalance with lack of "Yang", lack of "Qi", or stagnation of blood ("Xue").



cette crème est révolutionnaire !j'ai un zona qui revient régulièrement! j'ai appliquée "apireven", je n'ai ressenti aucune brûlure et en 24 heures les boutons disparaissaient .
j'ai pris a pleine main un plat sortant du four, apres m'être passée la main sous l'eau, j'ai appliquée la pommade, plus de douleur, et le lendemain ma main n'avait aucune marque et les cloques avaient disparu !

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i buy this for my mum who has reactive arthritis that flares up unbearably. she's tried every linament and likes this one the best for reducing pain.

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Apireven Bee Venom Cream

Apireven Bee Venom Cream

Apireven Bee Venom Cream is specially formulated to relieve arthritis pain, sports injuries in various parts of the body; even effective in treating chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis*.

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