PropolAir® Propolis Diffusers

By Kontak


The benefits of a propolis diffuser (vaporizer):

Propolis has virtues that have been known for centuries. It was already used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for its antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and healing properties.


When it is diffused in the air, it keeps all its benefits and can help relieve some forms of asthma and respiratory allergies as well as fighting diseases such as rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, and angina, while stimulating the body’s natural immune defenses.


It is also an effective way to help sanitize areas like offices, waiting rooms, medical offices, nurseries, bedrooms… and protect the most vulnerable people.


See the studies on the benefits of propolis diffusers further down this page.


How diffusers work:

Patented in Italy, the device allows the contents of the capsule to heat to 62°C / 140°F, temperature at which the wax melts and then to 85°C / 176°F, the optimal temperature at which the volatile fraction of propolis is released into the ambient air.  It is diffused with all its antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial properties.


The process used in our diffusers is very innovative as it reproduces the natural conditions of the air in the undergrowth. In nature the volatile fraction of propolis is diffused during the hottest days when the sun warms the buds allowing their release into the air.


In order to work, the diffuser does not require water or oil. It simply needs to be plugged into a power outlet and a propolis capsule Propolair® has to be inserted into the slot located on top of the device.


Each capsule lasts 122 hours or just over 5 consecutive days. When it is time to change the capsule, a LED flashes and a slight beep can be heard.


To change the capsule, the diffuser must be on:

  • Remove the protective grid,
  • Replace the capsule with a new one,
  • Replace the grid,
  • Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds, until you hear rapid beeps,
  • Release the power button.


The models of diffusers available:

Basics models:

A1, L1 and Propolina

They diffuse the volatile fraction of propolis into the ambient air. 


Models with ionizer:

A2, L2 and Breathe

The ionizer uses negative ions to remove certain harmful particles that are in the air (such as cigarette smoke, dust, viruses, bacteria...). The positive ions will be captured by the negative ions emitted by the ionizer diffuser, they then become heavier and neutral, fall to the ground and are no longer suspended in the air.


Models with ionizer and fan:

A4 Propol Therapy and L3

They allow the volatile fraction of propolis to spread more widely in the rooms in which they are located (from 323 sq. ft / 30 m² to 646 sq. ft / 60 m²).


The A4 model comes with a tube and two masks* (child size and adult size) to take full advantage of propolis when inhaled, especially recommended in case of respiratory problems. 

*The tube and masks can be purchased separately and fit on all diffusers except Propolina, Breathe and Propolair Car.


Car diffuser:

Propolair Car

It sanitizes the air and filters out air pollution inside the vehicle, reducing the amount of harmful particles.



Propolis Diffusers Comparison Table

Propolis Diffusers Comparison.png

 * : Aerosol option available with the tube and mask (child or adult) sold separately


The different refill capsules for Propolis Diffusers:


There are currently six different types of refill capsules available:


Pure Organic Propolis: Contains all the beneficial flavonoids found in propolis, particularly known for their anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Propolis + Boswellia: This blend includes resin from Africa, which is beneficial for the respiratory tract and possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic Breath: Combines propolis with essential oils of Eucalyptus, Mountain Pine, and Spruce, promoting respiratory tract health.

Organic Relax: Contains propolis and essential oils of Lavender, Swiss Pine, and Orange, promoting central nervous system rebalancing, aiding sleep, and facilitating relaxation.

Organic Purify: Features propolis combined with essential oils of Tea Tree, Thyme, and Lemon, promoting environmental sanitation.

Organic Repell: Combines propolis with essential oils of Geranium, Lemongrass, and Peppermint, known for their insect-repelling and antiseptic properties.



Studies on diffusers:


Here are the results of some studies conducted on PropolAir Propolis Diffusers:



In numerous experiments conducted by theASL of Collegno (Italy) in a classroom showed that the molecules of propolis, thanks to their acknowledged antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, inhibit bacterial and microbial presence. Diffusers were used for three days non-stop and the results showed an enormous 71.8% reduction of microbes in the air and a sanitization of the classroom!

Microbe reduction with propolis vaporizer in use

Graph 1 ENG.png

In separate laboratory studies, the diffusers dramatically reduced air pollution, such as benzene and hydrocarbons, commonly found in urban areas, from 15-70%!




Recommended by physicians (letter by Dr. Piercarlo Salari) and health care providers for patients with asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions. Even noted Apitherapist, Dr Stefan Stangaciu, suggests: 


"As a family medical practitioner I know my office is exposed to numerous microbes, viruses and even mold daily. I cannot think of a better 24/7 solution to naturally sanitize my office and improve my breathing than with a propolis vaporizer. The importance of the propolis (excellent for the lungs and immune system) is its complementary functionality with other treatments.

From acupuncture to ayurveda and homeopathy to naturopathy, it is a valuable link to any holistic/integrative protocol."

Stefan Stangaciu, MD 
Family Medicine Specialist, Licensed in Acupuncture and Api-Phytotherapy



As stated at a recent medical conference by Dr. Klinghardt:


“To treat children successfully, we have to use anti-mold strategies. To a large degree, I don’t use medical drugs. The propolis vaporizor is a strategy to make the house mold free. An Italian study showed that if you vaporize propolis at 82.3 C, it creates a monoatomic vapour of propolis in the house that kills every single living microbe in the air, making homes safe for the children. It’s a fantastic tool. It’s inexpensive, and has transformed the lives of alot of kids. An Italian asthma study shows over 70% asthma cures in 6 weeks with kids. 70% asthma cures! There’s not much that matches that result. The Propolis vaporizer is a big part of my anti-mold strategy”.


Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., LIA Conference 2008 



Independent test results from Tallahassee, Florida:

by Dr. G. Case

1) photo on left was an airborne sample of my 1999 Saturn's air (while driving).
2) I did not vacuum my car floors or seats before or after these mold testing
3) the mold test kit can be purchased at Home Depot for $10, it is called Mold Testing by ProLabs (also can be ordered on the Internet, but you have to pay extra for shipping).
4) photo on right was taken after using the propolis for two days. Absolutely no evidence of any mold growth, not even a small pin-sized colony.
 mold test before and after
A month earlier, I did the same test in my wife's car, and got rid of the airborne bacteria. I could not believe it, so I tested twice, still no mold growth. Furthermore, since we ran out of the first little container of propolis (i.e., vaporized it into the car interior), I tested her car again after one month of non-use of the propolis, an still no evidence of airborne bacteria mold growth. Evidently the stuff gets stuck in the car's air circulation filter and keeps on working. I will keep testing every month until I get some evidence of bacterial growth. And I will let you know my results.
GC Sept 29, 2009 


Another customer ran independent tests, here are the testimonial and test results:


Before PropolAir propolis diffuser                                                           After PropolAir propolis diffuser


Click HERE to see the test results before using the propolis diffuser and HERE to see the results after using the diffuser.


If you would like more information on the diffusers, click FAQ Propolis vaporizer and diffuser to download the Propolair diffuser & vaporizer 'Frequently Asked Questions' PDF.