Organic Propolair Refill Capsules - BIO

Pure Organic Propolair BIO Vaporizer replacement capsules for all our vaporizers and diffusers, contains 5 per box. Now in new packaging!

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Each Propolair Organic propolis capsule BIO contains 100% pure, organic, Italian Propolis for maximum flavonoid treatment of the respiratory tract. Harvested from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, this propolis is known for its rich concentration of Popular trees.


Certificate of Analysis Kontak propolis

This is significant, as Popular trees are known to possess such important flavonoids as ApigeninChrysineGalangin, Hesperidine, Kaempferol, Luteoline and Naringenine. 


Recent studies confirm the effectiveness of propolis and its rich flavonoid content possessing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties are ideal in treating the mucous linings of the body, such as the respiratory system. A tremendous advantage to inhaling these properties is the ability for the body to quickly deliver the benefits via the bloodstream to those cells in need.



Each capsule lasts up to 122 hours with intermittent use and our replacement package contains 5 carpsules.


For some individuals who have elevated MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), it is advised that they rely on these Organic refills, as the standard refills contain 5% Boswellia serrata.

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192 Items
Fiona w 07/03/2023

in my purse, always.

I have used this product for years, always have plenty at home as I often end up giving mine away when someone has a bit of a sore throat or a sense of not feeling great. It tastes great, and I kind of feel when i have been in large groups or on an airplane, it just feels like I might be killing off any bugs before they get chance to get started.

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Fiona w 07/03/2023

I use to keep mold count down in my condo, and also when I just

I have been using these products for about 12 years, maybe more. I wanted to prove to my BF that his home might have a hidden mold issue, so I test both his and my place to 'prove my point'.. well though I have no visible mold, or smell any - my place tested 47 colonis - I used this machine and moved it around the home for 3 weeks - then left is off for 3 weeks and then tested again - it was down to 4 colonies! So now it is just part of my home hygiene here, every few months. I always used the one with the mouthpiece when i was getting really sick. FYI- I have never been able to find any source of mold anywhere. Also, their throat spray, game changer.

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