Propolair Refill Capsules - P+B

Propolair capsules used in all our propolis vaporizers and diffusers. One box contains 5 capsules, each lasting up to 122hrs (approx 5 days). Now in new packaging!

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Raw propolis brought into hive by honey bee 

Boswelia flower


Propolair propolis vaporizer capsuleses P+B, contain pure Italian Propolis (95%) and a proprietary blend of boswellia serrata (5%) (also known as Indian frankincense) to further enhance the anti-inflammatory action within the respiratory system.



The propolis is harvested in Northern Italy, known for its concentration of Popular trees. This is significant, as Popular trees are known to possess such important flavonoids as Apigenin, Chrysine, Galangin, Hesperidine, Kaempferol, Luteoline and Naringenine. A tremendous advantage to inhaling these properties is the ability for the body to quickly deliver the benefits via the bloodstream to those cells in need. 

Certificate of Analysis Kontak propolis



Replacement package contains 5 cartridges / capsules and each lasts up to 122 hours (approx 5 days) with intermittent use, making a box last about 25 days. 







For individuals with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), customers have recommended our Organic Propolis refill capsules which contain 100% propolis without any Boswellia.

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