Propolair Car Propolis Diffuser

Propolair Car propolis diffuser protects you while you drive, filtering air pollution by 70%!! Clear the air and boost your health!!!

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Recommended for taxis, buses, motor homes, limousines, even ambulances. When in contact with people coughing and sneezing, sanitize your vehicle and protect yourself from flus and viruses with all-natural antibacterial, antiviral propolis!


Plug it into any cigarette lighter socket and with a 100° articulated base, it can adapt to any installation.



The Propolair Car propolis diffuser sanitizes the air and filters out air pollution with a natural product from the beehive. Propolis, with its multitude of flavonoids are diffused into the air, going into action, doing what they do best, killing bacteria and molds. Proven effective as an all natural antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal agent.


Why expose yourself to air pollutants when commuting in urban traffic where pollution levels are high and filled with carcinogens? Not only does it filter the air but the pleasant scent of propolis, honey and beeswax fills the vehicle with a freshness not found anywhere else except in a beehive!


Respected author and propolis researcher, Moisés Asís, PhD, states,

"...propolis is a very effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. It's antiseptic capacities are effective against numerous bacteria, viruses and fungi...

For the human condition, a propolis vaporizer is the perfect natural solution to aid those with respiratory ailments and protecting and boosting the immune system. Best of all, it is totally complementary with other treatments... I personally prefer the car vaporizer, as propolis is more directly concentrated inside the car and I can breath it while driving..."


Propolair Car also cleans the air of a wide spectrum of air pollutants by up to 70%! As stated by the US Health & Human Services, car exhaust contain carcinogens harmful to humans and animals. Recent studies indicate that exhausts generate free radicals which linger indefinitely. The recent USA Today article, states "air pollution causes cancer" and is more dangerous than second-hand smoke.

Reduced air polllution with propolis vaporizer

The French newspaper, Le Parisien, reported June 5 2012 "diesel fumes to be as dangerous as asbestos, contributable to pulmonary illnesses and deaths"...


A study conducted in Paris, France found the air inside the car had extremely high levels of pollutants, a veritable 'funnel' to the fumes from the traffic ahead of the driver and NO protection available.


A report from The World Health Organization (WHO), has declared air pollution responsible for 7,000,000 premature deaths annually!


Protect yourself today with Propolair propolis diffusers!


In vehicles, the capsule lasts about 72 hours, ex. 2 hrs in car per day = 36 days.


See our blog for more details on Propolis.

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