Model A1 Propolis Diffuser

30Clean and sanitize your air with Propolis Vaporizer / Diffuser, Model A1. It's natural disinfectant properties destroy microbes, air pollution, even cigarette smoke! Fits easily in a suitcase, providing added protection from environmental conditions in hotel rooms! It's a real bargain!

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This our basic model, propolis diffuser is a simple, all-natural disinfectant that cleans the air and your immediate environment of contaminants. At the same time, it also enables you to inhale its natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, protecting your health while you breathe!



Studies confirm that propolis, which is very rich in flavonoids, possesses many healthful properties. The propolis diffuser heats these flavonoids and releases them into the air, allowing them to do what they do best, killing bacteria and mold. This proven effect, conducted in preschools and high schools, worked as an all natural antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal air purifier.


It's design is compact and lightweight, making it easily portable from room to room or when traveling to foreign destinations. About the size of a cigar box, it fits easily into a suitcase. Designed to treat surface areas of up to 269 sq ft (25m²).


It ships with 1 refill cartridge, which will last about 122hrs or 5 days of non-stop usage (24/7).


As with all our diffusers, it is covered by a 2-year warranty.


Need more details? To visit our information page on propolis diffusers, with a comparison table of the different models:


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12 Items

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  • 17 cm, 6.7 in
  • 1.2 kg, 2.6 lb
  • 15 cm, 5.9 in
  • 110v
  • 7 cm, 2.8 in


Frequently Asked Questions concerning propolis vaporizers and diffusers.

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