Model A4 Propol Therapy

Propol Therapy, the newest Propolis diffuser/vaporizer. It enables complete control of all functions and includes air masks for a more therapeutic, aerosol effect. Breathe healthy with the purifying power of propolis!  

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The Propol Therapy, Model A4, is the newest addition to the Propolair line of propolis diffusers. It provides complete control of all functions and includes a more therapeutic way to inhale propolis with air masks and tubes in pediatric and adult sizes. Breathe better with the purifying power of propolis!


The Propol Therapy provides full control of all features with an onscreen menu:

1. Room Program - allows use of the fan for diffusing into large rooms 

2. Aerosol Program - activates gentle diffusion of propolis to be used with the air masks provided.



The control menu enables users complete access to activating or deactivating :

  • Fan (on / off) - increases diffusion up to 647 sq ft / 60m²
  • Ionizer (on / off) - makes propolis more effective by giving it a negative charge
  • Sound - (on / off, no beeps) - blocks beeping alert when cartridge is end of 122hrs


The menu is available in 5 languages - English, French, German, Italian & Spanish


The unit comes with a 2 year warranty and relies on the same propolis refill cartridges used in all the Propolair diffusers.


It ships with 1 refill cartridge, which will last about 122hrs or 5 days of non-stop usage (24/7).


Need more details? To visit our information page on propolis diffusers, with a comparison table of the different models:


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Frequently Asked Questions concerning propolis vaporizers and diffusers.

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Propol Therapy user manual

Model A4 Propol Therapy user manual

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