Pure fresh Royal Jelly

Pure, fresh Royal Jelly, direct from the beehive! This natural "brain-booster" will keep you sharp and energized with its rich ingredients, created by honeybees. Available for USA & Canadian customers.

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Pure, fresh Royal Jelly, direct from the beehive, is nature's natural anti-aging element. Rich in Pantothenic Acid, a necessary element for the body to produce new skin, hair, cells, etc. It's also well-known for its virtues in hormonal balancing, from estrogen to testosterone and recommended for enhancing fertility.


triple-blind study, placebo-based study comprised of 110 medical students suffering from PMS, found consuming royal jelly reduced their symptoms by 50%!

Royal Jelly also contains acetylcholine, an essentiel element for transmitting nerve impulses throughout the body.


Studies confirm that it helps cognitive functions and memory. It's also recommended for those with a history of Alzheimer's disease in the family. 


As quoted in wikipedia.org, "The most significant sources of pantothenic acid in nature are coldwater fish ovaries and royal jelly."

See our blog for the latest research, including this study confirming its antimicrobial activity effective in reducing dental plaque.

Certificate of Analysis of Fresh Royal Jelly



Shipped 2nd Day Express (USA only) with ice packs, to preserve freshness.

Must be stored under refridgeration.


Has a shelf-life of 1 year in the refridgerator and 3 years in the freezer.

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