FAQ Propolis Vaporizers and Diffusers

FAQ  -  Frequently Asked Questions regarding Propolair diffusers and vaporizers. Download the PDF in the description below.

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 FAQ  -  Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a Propolis Diffuser / Vaporizer ?

It's an electrical appliance that heats a small cartridge filled with propolis and diffuses the potent phenolic compounds within it into the air. More than aromatherapy, it's Apitherapy. A holistic approach to clean air. Watch our video on You Tube!


2. How does a Propolis Vaporizer work?

It has a cyclindrical-shaped ceramic heating element, calibrated to reach 140°F - 176°F (62°-85°C) to release the essential phenolic acids and flavonoids into the air.


3. What does it need?

inserting Propolair refill cartridge

No water.

No oils.

It requires electricity.

It requires Propolair propolis refill cartridges.

4. Why do I need one?

An all-natural, chemical-free way to sanitize a room.

It eliminates bacteria, mold, viruses, air pollutants.

Recommended by doctors and therapists for:

  • respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis
  • allergies to mold, pollen, mites
  • weakened immune systems 
  • old or young people vulnerable to contagions
  • areas with lots of humans, i.e. carriers of flu, colds, viruses


Why vaporizers?  http://www.slideshare.net/jflariviere/propolis-vaporizers-and-diffusers


5. What models are available?

  > Models A - white plastic form

  > Models L - wooden, conic form

  > Bee - in the form of a honey bee

  > Car - plugs into any cigarette lighter


All available at http://www.beehealthyfarms.com/category.php?id_category=6

6. What are the differences between models


Models Treatment Area Propolis Diffuser Negative Ionizer Fan
A1 369 sq ft/ 25m² X      
A2 369 sq ft/ 25m² X X    
A3 645 sq ft
/ 60m
X X X  
A4 - Propol Therapy 369 - 645 sq ft/ 25 - 60m² X X X
L1 376 sq ft/ 35m² X      
L2 376 sq ft/ 35m² X X    
L3 645 sq ft
/ 60m
X X X  
Baby Bee 369 sq ft/ 25m² X      
Car 50 sq ft/ 4.65m² X      

Each model is guaranteed with a 2 year warranty


6. How & when do you change cartridges?Propolis Vaporizer Dr. Recommendation

Cartridges have an approximate life span of 122hrs or 5 days of non-stop usage. Each vaporizer has a LED that will blink and beep when it's time to replace it. Turn off the unit, replace cartridge and press Power button. Once activated, press Power button for 10 seconds, until you hear a rapid series of beeps. Remove finger from button and unit is ready to repeat cycle.


7. How do you activate the fan?

Activating the fan is automatic with models A3 & L3. Once you turn it on, the fan will be activated to cycle on and off every 45 seconds.


8. Where can I find more results on the research conducted?

For a complete review of the research and the supportive documentation on propolis vaporizers and diffusers, click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions concerning propolis vaporizers and diffusers.

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