Provules - Propolis Ovules

Propolis is known for its numerous qualities. Provules® can help women with multiple gynaecological issues. They can also be used to relieve hemmorhoids as a suppository or calming an inflamed prostate.

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Known for its many virtues, propolis has *proven anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects. Provules® uses a proprietary blend of propolis, cocoa butter and beeswax formed into an oblong shape, permitting it to be used as a vaginal ovule or as a suppository for men and women. Using these basic ingredients, the dosage is safe and permits them to be used everyday.



• Vaginal leukorrhea (US) or leucorrhoea (UK)

Vaginal infections such as Gardnerella vaginalis
• Yeast infections due to Candidiasis
• Vaginites
• Trichomoniasis, cervical and vaginal 
• Polypes, cervical and endometrial
• Herpes Simplex
• Ulcers, infections and post-surgical pain
• Prostatitis

• Hemorrhoids 

• Use an ovule every night at bedtime until the improvement and healing is confirmed by your gynecologist.

• 1-2 ovules per week for the prevention, or the maintenance of a low microbial level, fungal, parasitic or viral and to help the local immune system for the prevention of diseases of the genitalia.

 • For more severe gynecological conditions, it’s suggested to perform a vaginal douche, the morning after with a probiotic such as the VSL#3 or Vivomixx, using warm water to avoid damaging the live flora.

Men and women also use our Provules as suppositories. For conditions such as prostatitis or hemorrhoids, the anti-inflammatory properties of propolis are able to penetrate the skin walls to reduce inflammation. This point of entry is also effective in getting propolis into the body, avoiding the digestive tract, so it can work more directly on a cellular level.


Made with 3 ingredients - cocoa butter, beeswax and propolis.



10 ovules per box.

"Provules are even suitable for pregnant women", as explained by Dr. Cristina Aosan, member of the Scientific Commission for Apitherapy “Propolis is very healthy for everyone and especially for women who are pregnant or trying to be or breastfeeding. Propolis can be taken orally, as a suppository and/or vaginally. Propolis is good for mother and baby at the same time. It is better than antibiotics and complementary with other treatments." 


 2013, April

A study published in Journal of Pharmaceutical Studies validated the use of propolis for effectively treating Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (Vaginal Thrush) and all yeast tested.


2012, September

A study published in Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine concluded that results proved that the propolis inhibits the growth of pathogenic yeasts and confirmed the efficiency of propolis as an anti-Candida and anti-Malassezia agent. 


1998, July

In a gynecological study conducted with the use of propolis for treating 93 patients, aged 15-33yrs old, all were cured, as reported by Rosa Morfi Samer, MA & Mercedes Soto, MD.


Also recommended is use of our Organic Propolis Tea Tree Hygenic Bath Gel.  




This product is amazing! I had gynecological issues last year. I tried 2 different vaginal creams prescribe by my gynecologist, which didn't work. I tried this product once and my problems were resolved. Great product for women!

Sarah, USA


This product is absolutely great it really works. It has also helped my sex life tremendously. No more getting up late at night to go to the bathroom and no more discomfort. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has prostatitis!

Alec, USA


I also had an amazing healing with the suppositories (after 1 and a half years of trying just about everything).

Melissa, USA 



Our Provules® are participating in a 3 year study at the Malaysian University Medical Center for a "Phase-II clinical trial  comparing the difference in vaginal bacterial flora between concurrent chemoradiotherapy versus apitherapy and concurrent chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced cervical cancer."  

Dr Biswa Mohan Biswal.MD, Professor of Clinical Oncology, Universiti Sains Malaysia


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