Premium Organic Thyme Honey

Premium Organic Thyme Honey from a nature reserve in Greece, certified free of pesticides & antibiotics. Eat this honey in small spoonfuls to allow its aroma and healthy virtues to pass through your sinuses and get absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

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Our Premium Organic Thyme Honey from the Isle of Crete in Greece, is completely unique on the market! Certificates confirm the presence of thyme pollen and no traces of pesticides, antibiotics or heavy metals. Further analysis confirms that it hasn't been heated or filtered, preserving its healthy qualities.


We recommend that our Greek Honey be eaten slowly, its aroma to penetrate the sinuses and get absorbed directly in the mouth.

Thyme Honey Lab Analysis

Thyme honey has a long history of use in medical situations, with a recent study confirming its ability to heal wounds.


Another study released April 2014 determined that Greek Honey posses anti-cancer, anti-cholesterol and antioxidant compounds important to human health.


We chose to validate this premium honey with multiple analyses. It's certified to contain Thyme pollen grains and important enzymes such as Diastase, as well as indicators of proper treatment in bottling (HMF).

It's not enough to have an organic label. We also had it tested for pesticides, antibiotics and heavy metals.


Each jar is numbered and guaranteed to provide health and wellness, just the way the bees made it.


contains 410g/ 14.5 oz   




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