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Model A1, Propolis Vaporizer

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Clean and sanitize your air with Propolis Vaporizer / Diffuser, Model A1. It's natural disinfectant properties destroy microbes, air pollution, even cigarette smoke! Fits easily in a suitcase, providing added protection from environmental conditions in hotel rooms! It's a real bargain!

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Height 7 cm, 2.8 in
Width 17 cm, 6.7 in
Weight 1.2 kg, 2.6 lb
Depth 15 cm, 5.9 in
Voltage 110v

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This our basic model, propolis vaporizer / diffuser is a simple, all-natural disinfectant that cleans the air and your immediate environment of contaminants. At the same time, it also enables you to inhale its natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, protecting your health while you breathe! For the money, this is a very practical and efficient diffuser

Studies confirm that propolis, which is very rich in flavonoids, possesses many healthful properties. The propolis vaporizer heats these flavonoids and releases them into the air, allowing them to do what they do best, killing bacteria and mold. This proven effect, conducted in preschools and high schools, worked as an all natural antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal air purifier.

It's design is compact and lightweight, making it easily portable from room to room or when traveling to foreign destinations. About the size of a cigar box, it fits easily into a suitcase. Designed to treat surface areas of up to 269 sq ft (25m²). It ships with 1 refill cartridge, which will last about 122hrs or 5 days of non-stop usage (24/7).

Microbe reduction with propolis vaporizer in use

In numerous experiments conducted by the ASL of Collegno (Italy) in a classroom showed that the molecules of propolis, thanks to their acknowledged antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, inhibit bacterial and microbial presence. Diffusers were used for three days non-stop and the results showed an enormous 71.8% reduction of microbes in the air and a sanitization of the classroom!

Graph of Reduced Sick Days with propolis vaporizer

In separate laboratory studies, the diffusers dramatically reduced air pollution, such as benzene and hydrocarbons, commonly found in urban areas, from 15-70%!


air pollution reduction graph


Click here for a copy of the day care center referral letter.



Recommended by physicians (letter by Dr. Piercarlo Salari) and health care providers for patients with asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions. Even noted Apitherapist, Dr Stefan Stangaciu, suggests: 


"As a family medical practitioner I know my office is exposed to numerous microbes, viruses and even mold daily. I cannot think of a better 24/7 solution to naturally sanitize my office and improve my breathing than with a propolis vaporizer. The importance of the propolis (excellent for the lungs and immune system) is its complementary functionality with other treatments.

From acupuncture to ayurveda and homeopathy to naturopathy, it is a valuable link to any holistic/integrative protocol."

Stefan Stangaciu, MD 
Family Medicine Specialist, Licensed in Acupuncture and Api-Phytotherapy

As stated at a recent medical conference by Dr. Klinghardt:

“To treat children successfully, we have to use anti-mold strategies.  To a large degree, I don’t use medical drugs.  The propolis vaporizor is a strategy to make the house mold free.  An Italian study showed that if you vaporize propolis at 82.3 C, it creates a monoatomic vapour of propolis in the house that kills every single living microbe in the air, making homes safe for the children.  It’s a fantastic tool.  It’s inexpensive, and has transformed the lives of alot of kids.  An Italian asthma study shows over 70% asthma cures in 6 weeks with kids.  70% asthma cures!   There’s not much that matches that result.   The Propolis vaporizer is a big part of my anti-mold strategy”.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D.,  LIA Conference 2008





Independent test results from Tallahassee, Florida 
by Dr. G. Case 

1) photo on left was an airborne sample of my 1999 Saturn's air (while driving).

2) I did not vacuum my car floors or seats before or after these mold testing
3) the mold test kit can be purchased at Home Depot for $10, it is called Mold Testing by ProLabs (also can be ordered on the Internet, but you have to pay extra for shipping).
4) photo on right was taken after using the propolis for two days. Absolutely no evidence of any mold growth, not even a small pin-sized colony.mold test before and after
A month earlier, I did the same test in my wife's car, and got rid of the airborne bacteria. I could not believe it, so I tested twice, still no mold growth. Furthermore, since we ran out of the first little container of propolis (i.e., vaporized it into the car interior), I tested her car again after one month of non-use of the propolis, an still no evidence of airborne bacteria mold growth. Evidently the stuff gets stuck in the car's air circulation filter and keeps on working. I will keep testing every month until I get some evidence of bacterial growth. And I will let you know my results. 
GC Sept 29, 2009



Click here for more details on the research conducted on Propolair vaporizers and Italian propolis.



Excellent Vaporizer

We keep this by our front door and have enjoyed it for 5 months now! Leaves the air fresh smelling with no stale odors. Shipping and the entire purchasing experience was 1st class!


works well

Purchased two of these and so far they are working great. Easy to setup and use. The smell is subtle and pleasant


Fresh Air!

I just received my diffuser and I was pleasantly surprised with how light & fresh the scent was on top of the health benefits from keeping it running in stuffy rooms where mold and other pathogens are likely to grow. Thanks for making such a wonderful product, will definitely purchase another for my bathroom!


We LOVE this vaporizer! Our doctor recommended this product and we're so happy he did because it works. We had constant ear issues due to allergies for years and we were so uncomfortable. Now we're pain and allergy free and feel so much better. We run it in our bedroom where our dogs sleep as well and they both seem to be sleeping more and itching less. Plus, this company is fabulous! I love the order updates and the follow-up email to make sure I'm happy. I am. Happy as a bee!


My doctor recommended using this product to sanitize the air in my home. Dealing with Jean-Francois was a pleasure. Shipping was quick and I'm 100% pleased with this product and service.
Have recommend this to friends.


I received my propolis vaporizer mid September this year. It is constantly working ever since. Initially I have used it in my bedroom. I love the fine scent! Beside the pleasure, no miracles to report here :)
But lately I moved it in a very problematic room - my kitchen. It is halfway underground and moisture is constantly seeping through the walls creating tremendous mould growth. After initially disinfecting everything as through as possible with H2O2 and borax mould was still coming back after several days although not so much. Even a little in my favourite wooden bread box! What insolence!
Then I introduced the propolis vaporizer... A few weeks later there is no new mould growth, actually no mould at all any more!
Ah and about the bread box - guess what - I have put the vaporizer inside it for 24 hours (taking measures for the vaporizer no to overheat) and there is not even a trace of mould in the box now!
Now I am impressed and very happy that I bought this wonderful little device :)


As a school teacher, I use the propolis vaporiser in my class to protect myself from the microbes the kids carry.

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Model A1, Propolis Vaporizer

Model A1, Propolis Vaporizer

Clean and sanitize your air with Propolis Vaporizer / Diffuser, Model A1. It's natural disinfectant properties destroy microbes, air pollution, even cigarette smoke! Fits easily in a suitcase, providing added protection from environmental conditions in hotel rooms! It's a real bargain!


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