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Model A2, Propolis Vaporizer with Ionizer

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Freshen the air with this low-profile Model A2. The built-in ionizer enhances the volatile fraction of numerous Propolis flavonoids, sanitizing and purifying the air. It easily fits in a suitcase and very practical when traveling, providing added protection from environmental conditions in hotel rooms, etc.

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Height 7 cm, 2.8 in
Width 17 cm, 6.7 in
Weight 1.2 kg, 2.6 lb
Depth 16 cm, 6.2
Voltage 110v

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Plug it in, turn it on and breathe...

and a multitude of microscopic flavonoids are then released into the air, going into action, doing what they do best, killing bacteria and mold. This proven effect, conducted in preschools and high schools, worked as an all natural antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal sanitizing agent. 

Model A2, with an ionizer, works at its best in areas of up to 369 sq. ft. (25 sq m²). Ships with 1 cartridge, lasting 122hrs or about 5 days of 24/7 usage. It's low-profile form is made of plastic, making it easy to clean and very portable. The size of a facial tissue box, it makes an ideal companion when staying in hotel rooms, sanitizing the room of bacteria, mold and even acariens.

With the built-in ionizer, the negatively-charged particles of propolis rapidly adhere to surfaces, the nasal mucous membrane and to the volatile particles which have a damaging effect, such as tobacco smoke, house dust, viruses, bacteria and mites. 

In numerous experiments conducted by the ASL of Collegno (Italy) in a classroom showed that the molecules of propolis, thanks to their acknowledged antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, inhibit bacterial and microbial presence. Diffusers were used for three days non-stop and the results showed an enormous 71.8% reduction of microbes in the air and a sanitization of the classroom!

propolis vaporizer results

Moreover, the negative ionization led to an increase in the movement of bronchial cilia, thus favouring a concentration of propolis targeted at the respiratory tract. 

In separate laboratory studies, imrproved attendance with propolisthe diffusers dramatically reducing indoor pollution typically found in urban areas, such as benzenes and hydrocarbons, from 15-70%!

air pollution reduction results with propolis vaporizer



Click here for a copy of the day care center referral letter.



Recommended by physicians (letter by Dr. Piercarlo Salari) and health care providers for patients with asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions. As stated at a recent conference by Dr. Klinghardt:


“To treat children successfully, we have to use anti-mold strategies.  To a large degree, I don’t use medical drugs.  The propolis vaporizor is a strategy to make the house mold free.  An Italian study showed that if you vaporize propolis at 82.3 C, it creates a monoatomic vapour of propolis in the house that kills every single living microbe in the air, making homes safe for the children.  It’s a fantastic tool.  It’s inexpensive, and has transformed the lives of alot of kids.  An Italian asthma study shows over 70% asthma cures in 6 weeks with kids.  70% asthma cures!   There’s not much that matches that result.   The Propolis vaporizer is a big part of my anti-mold strategy”.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D.,  LIA Conference 2008



Customer testimonial

June 19, 2018

My son, now 9 years old, had a cough everyday for a year. We tried allergy medication, acid reflux medication, diet changes and acupuncture. 9 months ago, per our pediatricians recommendation, we tried your propolis. His cough slowly improved and now is gone. He successfully made it through an allergy season without needing antibiotics. 

Thank you for improving the health of my son. A cough seems like a singular thing, but his constant cough affected his energy, his school work and my attendance at work. It is such a relief to have a healthy family again.  Sincerely, Carrie

"You have great products that WORK and fabulous customer service that rocks!.. I'm really looking forward to having another diffuser in our home to continue supporting our healthy lifestyle (myself, my man, and my 2 dogs are now allergy free and sleeping better than ever!). Thank you so very much, Bee Healthy Farms =-) " 
Gwynne, Calif USA





Independent test results from Tallahassee, Florida 
by Dr. G. Case 

1) photo on left was an airborne sample of my 1999 Saturn's air (while driving).

2) I did not vacuum my car floors or seats before or after these mold testing
3) the mold test kit can be purchased at Home Depot for $10, it is called Mold Testing by ProLabs (also can be ordered on the Internet, but you have to pay extra for shipping).
4) photo on right was taken after using the propolis for two days. Absolutely no evidence of any mold growth, not even a small pin-sized colony.mold test before and after
A month earlier, I did the same test in my wife's car, and got rid of the airborne bacteria. I could not believe it, so I tested twice, still no mold growth. Furthermore, since we ran out of the first little container of propolis (i.e., vaporized it into the car interior), I tested her car again after one month of non-use of the propolis, an still no evidence of airborne bacteria mold growth. Evidently the stuff gets stuck in the car's air circulation filter and keeps on working. I will keep testing every month until I get some evidence of bacterial growth. And I will let you know my results. 
GC Sept 29, 2009



Click here for more details on the research conducted on Propolair vaporizers and Italian propolis.



I have 2

I love these little vaporizers - they definitely make our house smell a little better and the kids seemingly breathe easier.

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I LOVE my propolis vaporizer! THIS THING WORKS! A friend of mine whose house I was staying at had a leaky faucet with water that was visibly seeping out and damaging the molding. I smelled mold the instant I entered. Luckily for me, I travel with my propolis vaporizer so I opened the cabinet under the sink and put it to use. Within a few days I could no longer smell the mold and when my friend returned home after being away for several days he noticed immediately that the smell was GONE! I would recommend this to ANYONE who has mold allergies/sensitivities and I DO!

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

I use this propolis vaporizer all the time in my apartment. It has been an excellent investment. It drastically improves air quality, and I love the smell of the propolis!

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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Model A2, Propolis Vaporizer with Ionizer

Model A2, Propolis Vaporizer with Ionizer

Freshen the air with this low-profile Model A2. The built-in ionizer enhances the volatile fraction of numerous Propolis flavonoids, sanitizing and purifying the air. It easily fits in a suitcase and very practical when traveling, providing added protection from environmental conditions in hotel rooms, etc.


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